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The Quick Facts: I am a design professional with over twenty years experience in the exhibit industry. I am always exited to help clients meet all of the necessary challenges to get successfully to and from their trade show or event with the best possible return for their investment. My main emphasis is to deliver to clients intelligent, cutting-edge design for their trade show property, functional graphic design, booth management, and qualified lead retrieval.

Specialties: Trade Show Exhibit Designer, Corporate Interior Design, Graphic Design, Management of Trade Show properties and designers, Audio/Visual Coordination.

Other Passions: Lifelong musician, skilled craftsman, amateur historian, LBC (little British car) enthusiast, avid runner, sailor, aviator.


“Jack Hale is our go-to designer when over-the-top unique and outside the box elements are part of the requirement.  He has a way of delivering a design that captures exactly what our imaginations envisioned…When Jack unveils his design, it is immediately recognizable as the fulfillment of what we dreamed the project could become.  With speed and extreme professionalism, he delivers creative layouts that are dynamic - and then proceeds to assist in the engineering process, providing guidance on how each element can best be constructed.  Thank you, Jack, for being a trusted resource and a true team player from conception to execution!

- John & Kathie Salas, Founder, Contrast Media Agency

As the woman who loves you for bringing the vision to life, I still love you! Our booth had EASTER EGGS from the Breaking Bad booth Jack did the year before. I mean DAMN!  I cannot recommend Jack enough. He's an amazing creative partner and this work speaks for itself (please also see his Breaking Bad execution). - Jennifer Carole - Marketing Strategist, Bromium



Exhibit & Environment Design

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Build Team Coordination

Branding Identity

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